Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who is Freckle Face?

Photo by Melissa Munding

Those who can’t do, teach.  I’m sure you have heard that before, and as a teacher it always made me mad.  I didn’t get into teaching because I couldn't do anything, in fact, it was quite the opposite.  I’ve succeeded at everything I’ve put my mind to because that’s just how it’s done in my family.  So why did I get into teaching?  Because I love it!  

Have you ever seen a child’s face light up when something he’s struggled with finally clicks with him? Or seen curiosity sparked as as a child realizes there is so much to learn and all he has to do is figure out the right question?  Or even seen a child get so swept up in a creative project that you get a small glimpse of the next Van Gough?   I have, and let me tell you, it is contagious!  All of the long hours, the politics, the tears (some of them mine) are all worth it for those moments.  And that is why I have started this blog.  

Right now is one of the worst times for teachers looking for jobs so I’ve decided that if I can’t teach, then I will teach.  That’s right, my classroom has become this blog and I can’t wait to share everything I know so that you can then inspire the children in your life and share the same excitement I have for education and fun.  Other than being a teacher I have also been a nanny and a babysitter and come to you with several years of hilarious stories from the children I have had the honor of working with and so many crafts and games it would make your head spin.  Have a question for me, or a story or craft idea to share?  Please send me an email! I am very excited to start this journey with you and I hope that together we can inspire fun and learning in children every where!

I am officially launching this blog in October with a slew of Halloween and Fall inspired crafts, activities and lessons!  See you all very soon!